The Biomat Store at IFM Annual Conference

What is Functional Medicine? The Biomat Store is exhibiting at the Institute of Functional Medicine’s Annual Conference May 12-14 on San Diego. Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease, using an integrative systems-oriented approach and patient-centered care.  This year’s topics include recent scientific findings on the benefits of sleep, restoration, fitness and movement. The Biomat fits into all these categories and we …

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The Biomat as a Power Nap

The Biomat Store has a brand new family member. We welcomed Loretta Rae on April 27th. As all new parents (and grandparents) know, taking care of a newborn can cause extreme sleep deprivation. Luckily we have Biomats to use for quickie restorative power naps. In only 10-20 minutes, you can reverse extreme fatigue and get your mojo back. Mom also …

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Nancy McLaughlin Testimonial

I really enjoy having a new Biomat and I want to thank you for all your help making it possible for me to have it so quickly. As you know, I have been dealing with rheumatoid arthritis for many years and the Biomat has been instrumental in keeping me mobile and more or less pain free for almost ten years. I really depend …

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Biomat Use in Dental Office

The BioMat is an important therapy for all our patients in office. While they are doing other therapies such as IV therapy, we utilize the BioMat for an additional detox and relaxing therapy. Many patients have found the BioMat so effective they purchased it for home use so they can enjoy the tremendous benefits it offers on a daily basis.  …

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Dr. Grant Testimonial

“Far infrared ray emitting Biomat increases blood circulation and oxygen supply to damaged tissues (aiding reduction of joint and muscle pain or sports injuries), promotes relaxation and comfort, induces sleep and relieves as shown in this case study.”Dr. George Grant

Suggested Uses of 300HR Detoxi Salt

Richway claims their 300 Hr Detoxi Salt is much better for you. Here is their statement. “This clear, sparkling mineral regulates and protects our bodies to an incredible degree. It controls the water content in our blood cells, keeping them in a perfect state of tension and equilibrium. It is instrumental in transmitting information to our nerves and muscles, and …

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Are you new to the Biomat?

We at have witnessed the great healing the Biomat has provided to our customers for over the last decade. Once you bring the Biomat into your life you too may receive some of the health benefits provided such as: Reducing Inflammation Relieving pain and joint stiffness Reducing stress and fatigue Increasing blood circulation Activating the immune system Decreasing hyperactivity …

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Give the Gift of Health

As the holidays approach, we at the Biomat Store are gearing up for your gift giving needs. The Biomat has become such a gracious gift of healing over the past years, keeping friends and family warm, stress free and continuously on a path of recovery from whatever ails them. As always, we expect Richway to go into back order near …

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**[Biomat Controllers are now warrantied for life!](** :blush:
**[Biomat Controllers are now warrantied for life!](** :blush:
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