Professional – Quantum Energy Pad®


The Ultimate Product of Microfiber Technology
The Quantum Energy Pad is composed of Bio Clay memory foam and is manufactured with microfiber, the extremely fine fiber that is light and warm as a feather.
Use the Quantum Energy Pad and wake up refreshed in the morning!


Owners: Marilyn and Owen Cobb

The new and improved Quantum Energy
Pad is designed to bring additional comfort to Biomat users. The fabric is soft, smooth, and easy to clean. It is made up of 3 layers which synergistically work together for a good night’s sleep.

This special fabric is made of organic substances from peach and grape seeds.

The Quantum Energy Pad can be used on top of other thermal products to enjoy softness and restful sleep. The Quantum Energy Pad can also be used by itself without thermal products. Blending Atrious scientific theories with quantum energy theory, it provides satisfaction that is incomparable to pads of all other kinds.

Heavily soiled cotton products often have stains even after being thoroughly washed. This is because the contaminants permeate into the fiber and become permanent.
Contaminants do not permeate into microfiber but rather stay between air holes on the surface until being rapidly emitted. Just a gentle rubbing with solid detergent can remove contaminants, and it is machine washable. Machine wash doesn’t cause deformation of the product. Microfiber products don’t need to be rinsed many times, reducing water consumption and saving washing time.

Antibacterial Test
(Bacteria used for the test]
Typical fibers consist of less than 20 strands of thread, However, a visible strand of ultra microfiber obtained from splitting is equivalent to 700 strands of typical fibers.
House dust mites, microscopic organisms with sizes of 0.1-0.2mm, are common causes of all kinds of allergies, dermatitis, and asthma, but they cannot inhabit the finely woven microfibers. Survival rate of microscopic organisms on microfiber is onlv 5.7%. House dust mites are not able to pass through microfiber that is thinner than their bodies. Microfiber is practically a synthetic fiber, so it is extremely unlikely dust mites can feed and flourish on it. Such characteristics make microfiber the most effective material to apply to products that have direct contact with human skin, It is also known as a material that inhibits bacteria, mold, and germs and doesn’t give off an odor even when it is damp.

  • Professional Size  27.56″ x 78.76″ – 8 LBS
  • Cover Microfiber Fabric, 100% Polyester
  • Cushion 100% Polyester, 3D Mesh


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**[Biomat Controllers are now warrantied for life!](** :blush:
**[Biomat Controllers are now warrantied for life!](** :blush:
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**[Preventing and possibly reversing Dementia & Alzheimer’s](** :blush:
**[Preventing and possibly reversing Dementia & Alzheimer’s](** :blush:
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