Give the Gift of Health

As the holidays approach, we at the Biomat Store are gearing up for your gift giving needs.

The Biomat has become such a gracious gift of healing over the past years, keeping friends and family warm, stress free and continuously on a path of recovery from whatever ails them.

As always, we expect Richway to go into back order near the beginning of December and to stop taking orders around the 12th of December.

We learned from experience to keep an inventory of Biomats to fill the needs of those who can’t get them from Richway.

However, we do ask those who wish to fill stockings with Biomats (Big Stockings) or place them under Christmas Trees (Big Trees) to get their orders in early (Big Orders). This is the busiest time of year for Owen, Jeff, Barbara and Myself and will work overtime to fill your needs. Wishing you the warmest (Biomat Warm), happiest and healthiest of holidays.


Marilyn Cobb

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