Michelle Novenski

Effortless Innovations LLC
Personal Development Coach
Phone: 920.277.1939

My sessions, classes, events and presentations are focused on creating and integrating resources that make life flow. Everything begins with the self. As within so without. When we understand the self we have the information we need to create change. Knowing the strategies we use to get our needs met may be productive or unproductive, the key is to shift and change the things that are not working into strategies that create success. Once we do this we begin to feel our life flow, we begin living in a state of grace.

I assist in the discovery of foundational issues and in the alignment of the three minds, the higher mind, conscious mind and subconscious mind. I emphasize the development of self compassion, self forgiveness, self love/acceptance and self trust.

Open Heart Energy sessions: Experience a shifting of the self through open heart energy balancing and subconscious reprogramming. A comforting and effective way to begin the process of transformation for anything in your life. Commitment and focus of Divine Love creates a space of light, peace and comfort, it is this space I hold, allowing your own innate wisdom to balance and heal. Great for health, money issues, self confidence etc.

Akashic Record Readings: Reading from Akasha, primary substance of which all is recorded, Michelle connects with the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones of the individual to transfer guidance and information from the higher realms of consciousness. Great for understanding what you need to know during 2012. Call 920-277-1939 to make and appointment.

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