Marilyn Cobb

The Biomat Store
Licensed Massage Therapist
951 Glenwood Ave SE, Apt 1803
Phone: 866.952.8111

Marilyn became founder of serendipitously. Six years ago she worked 46 hours a week healing the planet one person at a time through her art of Jin Shin Jyutsu. It was a grueling schedule which was taking a toll on her hands, neck and shoulders.

Over Christmas, Marilyn received a brochure about the Biomat in the mail from a friend of her husband, Gail Soucy. She decided to try one to take the place of a large, clumsy and uncomfortable infrared sauna she had purchased to help her husband with terrible hip arthritis. Placing it on her massage table she conducted sessions for herself, her husband and all of her massage clients. Within a couple of weeks Marilyn noticed pain relief in her neck and hands, Her husband had less pain and inflammation in his hips and many of her massage clients inquired as to where they could purchase one.

Never having any desire to be in sales, Marilyn directed the inquires to Gail until they became so plentiful it was difficult to miss out on the opportunity. And so, was born.

Over the last thirteen years Marilyn feels she has helped far many more people by introducing them to the Biomat then she could have helping them in her massage practice. It is through strong personal contact and great customer service she attribute the growth of her business. She is willing to bend over backwards to explain the use of the Biomat, to help her distributors better sell the biomat, to aid in service calls and to provide mats for our servicemen returning from overseas and to aid the medical profession in finding alternatives to medication especially when it comes to pain.

Contact Marilyn directly at (866) 952-8111 to order your Biomat Now!

**[Biomat Controllers are now warrantied for life!](** :blush:
**[Biomat Controllers are now warrantied for life!](** :blush:
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**[Preventing and possibly reversing Dementia & Alzheimer’s](** :blush:
**[Preventing and possibly reversing Dementia & Alzheimer’s](** :blush:
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