Elen Chernoff Simon

Psychotherapist, M.ED., M.S., L.P.C, B.C.I.A.C
17304 Preston Rd. Ste 800
Phone: 888.559.3543
Email: ellen@imadulation.com

Apart from the Biomat Store business and wearing my full time neurotherapist cap, I had the pleasure of meeting Ellen Simon at an advanced Brainmaster workshop in Cleveland, OH. Ellen struck me as a shining light in the world of therapy and service to others. One of those people who abounds with so much energy one would wish it were for sale. Being in her presence is enlightening and a real joy.

Ellen holds Master’s Degrees in Counseling and Therapeautic Recreation. Licensed in Texas as a Professional Counselor (#14751) She practices in Dallas, Texas. Ellen is Board Certified in Biofeedback, a Fellow of the American Academy of Pain Management and the Academy for Guided Imagery. She is also a Clinical and Board member of the American Psycotherapy and Medical Hypnosis Association and is certified in Medical/Analytical Hypnosis. She was able to accomplish all of this as a loving mother of 5 children.

Aside from managing a thriving practice which includes biofeedback, neurofeedback, hypnosis, guided imagery, psychotherapy and aromatherapy she is the president and founder of Imadulation International, LP. This company produces self-help audio recordings designed to improve health and wellness and utilizes a three pronged approach: binaural audio technology, original music and Ellen’s carefully chosen healing words and ideas. Imadulation’s audio recordings are currently offered in hospitals, physician offices, pain programs, and are distributed through major pharmaceutical companies. Please visit Ellen or www.imadulation.com at the links below.

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