Robert Longo

Robert E. Longo, MRC, LPC, NCC, BCIA-EEG, is in private practice specializing in QEEG Brain Mapping, Biofeedback, and Neurofeedback. He is a contract neurofeedback clinician with Integrative Therapies in Greensboro, NC, and he serves as a consultant, educator, trainer, and author dedicated to working with youth and sexual abuse prevention and treatment. He was previously Director of Clinical Training/Stress Reduction […]

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Elen Chernoff Simon

Apart from the Biomat Store business and wearing my full time neurotherapist cap, I had the pleasure of meeting Ellen Simon at an advanced Brainmaster workshop in Cleveland, OH. Ellen struck me as a shining light in the world of therapy and service to others. One of those people who abounds with so much energy one would wish it were

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Deborah Longo

Deborah Price Longo, BSW, ACSW, is Area Manager for Vanguard Professional Staffing, Inc. She has been a trainer and educator since 1980. Deb has worked as a social worker, supervisor, and program manager for over 25 years. She specialized in working with abused, foster, and adopted children and their families. In addition to her primary focus in child welfare, Deb

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**[Biomat Controllers are now warrantied for life!](** :blush:
**[Biomat Controllers are now warrantied for life!](** :blush:
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**[Preventing and possibly reversing Dementia & Alzheimer’s](** :blush:
**[Preventing and possibly reversing Dementia & Alzheimer’s](** :blush:
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