King – Biomat® 7000MX Controller – Replacement


The push button system allows easy control of all functions. Manufactured for Richway International, Inc. by Texas Instruments for the highest standard of quality.

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Owners: Marilyn and Owen Cobb

Texas Instruments for the highest standard of quality.


1. F.I.R. Indicator (Far Infrared): When you change the temperature, this light will come on and stay on.

2. Electronic Interception (Electromagnetic): Blocks harmful Electromagnetic waves. This light will come on when it blocks EMW (Electromagnetic Waves) only.

3. Alarm: This light will appear if there are any malfunctions. Please contact the dealer.

4. Temperature: Up – To increase the desired temperature.

5. Temperature: Down – To decrease the desired temperature.

6. Time Control: To set the length of time you want to use the Mattress. The light will change to a different time setting as you press the Timer Button on the indicator. When the temperature is set above 120 F/49 C, the Biomat will automatically reset itself down to 113 F/45 C after 4 hours of use. This feature protects the user from overheating and dehydration.

7. Power Button: On/Off

8. E.D.N.I.: Negative Ions indicator

9. Temperature: In Celsius (left) and Fahrenheit (right)

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10.43 × 7.28 × 4.13 in


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