Germanium Power Pad 187™ – Professional (waterproof)


This waterproof cover is placed over the Biomat and uses the Biomat’s heat to amplify infrared rays and elevate negative ions helping the body absorb more.


Owners: Marilyn and Owen Cobb

When heat is applied to germanium, large amounts of germanium emissions and wavelengths are dispersed. When this occurs, germanium ion particles penetrate into the body and perform various beneficial functions. Germanium simultaneously releases large amounts of far infrared radiation (FIR), emits negative ions and penetrates the skin exclusively when heated.

When germanium ions come into contact with human skin, the ions penetrate into the skin along with far infrared rays. It penetrates the subcutaneous tissue and capillaries, activates the electrons in the blood, cleanses the blood and makes the blood alkaline. It relieves the symptoms such as muscle cramping, fatigue, pain, etc., and releases fatigue substances, increasing natural healing power.

Germanium improves blood circulation by removing lipid peroxides and harmful oxygen that damages the walls of blood vessels. It also prevents blood vessels from clogging or stiffening.


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