Rev. Linda Heimermann

Heaven on Earth, Healing Alternatives
CHTP and Reverand
Phone: 920.948.2100

Established in February of 2008, Heaven On Earth Healing Alternatives, LLC, offers alternative natural healing methods to complement and integrate with conventional medical care as part of a holistic approach to the well being of body, mind and spirit.

The energy-healing methods of Healing Touch and Reiki assist in relief from the effects of stress, anxiety, migraines, emotional and physical trauma, high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer, and much more by transforming stagnant or blocked energy in the energy field. The transformed life-giving energy relaxes and nourishes the body, mind and soul deeply enough to activate the body’s innate inner healing response.

Our mission at Heaven On Earth is to compassionately inspire, empower and support each individual on their life’s journey by bringing unity to one’s physical, emotional, mind, and spiritual aspects.

We embrace our community’s growth, well being, and transformation by promoting alternatives in holistic healing practices and modalities to complement and integrate with conventional medicine.

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