Kimberly Jennings

Angels Influence
Energy Medicine Woman
Phone: 920.955.2772

When I first met Kimberly I knew I was in the presence of someone special. Her aura captivated me and I instantly felt a deep connection as if my energy was known throughout.

Kimberly is a modern day Energy Medicine Woman. She acts as a Spiritual Guidance Facilitator and is well versed in the ancient wisdom of the earth embeded in crystals. She is a seeker of the truth, for herself and for those who seek her counsel. She is adept at helping to elevate her clients to higher energy levels

Kimberly renders her services for all ages from 5 to senior whether it be one-on-one sessions or corporate retreats. You may contact her at any of the links on this page or by phone at (920) 886-1106 or email at . Skype sessions are also available at skype:knjennings.

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