Katie Mulhern-Smith

Richfield Feed & Supply
Owner/ Goat Farmer
5605 Hwy 99 W
Phone: 530.824.4633
Email: mulhernsmith@aol.com

I’m sure if there was a way, these little cute goats would be on the BioMat with me! I am so excited to tell people about this amazing healing instrument. Living on a farm, ones’ body takes a lot of abuse! Even if the abuse comes from such cute animals! You find aches and pains you didn’t know existed! There is no time to stop unless you are sleeping! So, when the BioMat was explained to me, I was intrigued! The thought that laying down and sleeping would bring intense healing! I had to try it! 

My husband and I own Richfield Feed & Supply, in Corning, CA. Corning is located in Northern CA. Our store is a family run business. We serve a diverse community: anywhere from backyard farmers to large farming operations. Our specialty is customer service. We try to have product in stock that our community is asking for. We supply all different types of feed: Speciality feeds for horses, milk replacers for kittens as well as turtle food. No animal too small or too big is neglected at our feed store. We also load your vehicle.

One specialty we have is serving our FFA and 4-H students. Our store attracts students from four different counties. They come because of the knowledge my husband and daughter have concerning animals. My husband is a master in raising pigs and goats, and my daughter is a cattle woman who works and trains dogs and horses! The two of them can explain any feed in the store. I raise goats, and I like to talk to all the customers!

Our store is always stocked with cookies and coffee for our customers. We are on first name bases with 80% of our customers. We become a part of their lives. We learn about their animals and share in their joys and losses! Check us out on Facebook.

Katie Mulhern-Smith

Tel (530) 824-4633


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